American in Spirit on Fourth of July

How will you commemorate Independence Day?

Independence Day by Cox & Forkum

I will create a mood board for my future visit to the United States of America. Maybe I should create a special board on Pinterest for my trip to the Land of Opportunity? The Americanized banner by John Cox will be included on the board.

In the evening, I will check-in at my favorite place in Gothenburg, and celebrate in the style of a Foursquare mayor (from the Latin, meaning "greater") with fellow friends of America. 

I want to end this post with an excerpt from my post, Time To Bring Back The Smiley Face To America:

I must say that I still have high hopes for a second renaissance in America, due to the fact of the positive sense-of-life which is shared by a great deal of Americans, combined with the historical foundation that the Founding Fathers achieved a long time ago. Please keep striving for your own pursuit of happiness! 

(, October 14, 2008.)

Commemorating the Traders of the New Sweden Colony

Instead of celebrating Sweden's national day on June 6, I am commemorating the traders (called merchants at around 0:45 in the video clip by King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden) of the New Sweden colony.

I am not a Royalist, I am a Constitutional Republican (not a supporter of the GOP). And I am not fan of FDR, but I want to include this video clip from the dedication of the Delaware monument in 1938.

My long-range goal is to revisit the melting pot that bubbles with innovative business ideas.

I am a member of the Scandinavian-American fraternal, cultural and educational organization called The Vasa Order of America. I was interested to learn that some of the famous business people and inventors with Swedish heritage are: 

    • John Ericsson, the inventor of the screw propeller. 
    • Charles Walgreen, the founder of Walgreens. 
    • Eric Wickman, the founder of the Greyhound Company. 

If you needed more examples of how immigrants have added to the innovation in the United States, I found two interesting reports via Elizabeth Kelleher's post, Immigrants Fuel Small Business Growth in the United States. 

(, October 19, 2009.)