Commemorating the Traders of the New Sweden Colony

Instead of celebrating Sweden's national day on June 6, I am commemorating the traders (called merchants at around 0:45 in the video clip by King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden) of the New Sweden colony.

I am not a Royalist, I am a Constitutional Republican (not a supporter of the GOP). And I am not fan of FDR, but I want to include this video clip from the dedication of the Delaware monument in 1938.

My long-range goal is to revisit the melting pot that bubbles with innovative business ideas.

I am a member of the Scandinavian-American fraternal, cultural and educational organization called The Vasa Order of America. I was interested to learn that some of the famous business people and inventors with Swedish heritage are: 

    • John Ericsson, the inventor of the screw propeller. 
    • Charles Walgreen, the founder of Walgreens. 
    • Eric Wickman, the founder of the Greyhound Company. 

If you needed more examples of how immigrants have added to the innovation in the United States, I found two interesting reports via Elizabeth Kelleher's post, Immigrants Fuel Small Business Growth in the United States. 

(, October 19, 2009.)