American in Spirit on Fourth of July

How will you commemorate Independence Day?

Independence Day by Cox & Forkum

I will create a mood board for my future visit to the United States of America. Maybe I should create a special board on Pinterest for my trip to the Land of Opportunity? The Americanized banner by John Cox will be included on the board.

In the evening, I will check-in at my favorite place in Gothenburg, and celebrate in the style of a Foursquare mayor (from the Latin, meaning "greater") with fellow friends of America. 

I want to end this post with an excerpt from my post, Time To Bring Back The Smiley Face To America:

I must say that I still have high hopes for a second renaissance in America, due to the fact of the positive sense-of-life which is shared by a great deal of Americans, combined with the historical foundation that the Founding Fathers achieved a long time ago. Please keep striving for your own pursuit of happiness! 

(, October 14, 2008.)