Division of Labor

Labour Day a.k.a International Workers' Day is on May 1st, so I thought it was timely to write a post on the division of labor in a philosophical sense. I will not be marching along in the protest march on May 1, instead I will celebrate Lemonade Day and the entrepreneurial spirit of the United States of America. 10 years ago, I did a pro-American counter-demonstration... 

Back to the concept of division of labor and being an entrepreneur. I don't have design skills, so I contacted John Cox, who "is a painter, cartoonist, and illustrator for hire." I told John about my idea for the Americanized banner, logotype and blueprint for merchandising, but I also gave him "artistic freedom," in order to have a successful creative process. Check out John Cox's post, Website Banner Commission and read the comment thread and you will get "insider information" about the work of art...

Money-wise, the illustration had a higher price tab than you would pay on Fiverr, but less than you could end up paying if you would hire a regular (m)ad-man... ;)

For more information on John Cox's work, please read my post, Interview with John Cox, and listen to my podcast show from 2010.

Yakking It Up with Martin Lindeskog 

Do you think that the Americanized visual image will be a success factor in the marketing of the forthcoming Americanized.org site?