Appraisal of a Domain Name

After I had read Ivan Widjaya's post, Buying a Website? How to Stay Away from Shady Marketplace Listings, I registered an account on Flippa. I searched the site and found this domain:

From the description: is a premium 1 word domain.
The .org extension gives trust, credibility, and authority to your business.
The word Americanized describes how to make or become American in character; assimilate to the customs and institutions of the U.S.
The .com is available at godaddy for $4888 and the .net is avaialable [sic.] for $1288(see attachment)

This domain can be used in many topics:

    • Politics
    • Education
    • Resume Services
    • Books
    • Business directory and more...

I placed the highest bid and then purchased the domain. The idea of owning a domain with the word "America" in it, is going back to my blog (in Swedish), Lukeion - A School for American ideals.

I have several ideas on what I could do with in the future. You are welcome to give me tips and suggestions on content for the site.

How much do you think the domain could be worth in the future? How much would you pay for it today? At the moment, it is appraised for USD $210 according to

My next step is to contact John Cox and ask him to come up with an idea for a blog banner and logotype. I want it to be a blueprint for forthcoming merchandise. Would you wear gear in the same line like the following sketch?

America First

Reading material: What's a good startup domain name? by Garry Tan.